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DeMott and Smith CPA’s, P.C. is a business that serves the public, which means that you are welcome to stop in or call us with any questions you may have about our firm, services, employment, etc. You are also encouraged to e-mail us using the general inquiries form.

Contact us directly

You may mail or phone DeMott & Smith CPA’s, P.C. at:

DeMott & Smith CPA’s, P.C.
70 Linden Oaks, Suite 220
Rochester, NY 14625

Phone: 585-272-9880
Fax: 585-272-1608

Call or Email a DeMott & Smith CPA’s, P.C. representative:

Jason A. DeLaurentiis, CPA:  585-498-2562 |
Benjamin F. Dobrzynski, CPA: 585-498-2563 |
Cara Lang, CPA: 585-498-2570 |
Laura Putorti: 585-498-2567 |
Anthony Lenzi: 585-498-2565 |
Casey Vattimo: 585-498-2568 | 
Ellie Hickey: 585-498-2561 | 

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