DeMott & Smith CPA’s, P.C. continually seeks qualified individuals to fill positions in both our firm’s and our clients’ offices. Please visit the appropriate page to learn of any current opportunities.

DeMott & Smith CPA’s, P.C. Opportunities

Our firm has interests in both first-year college graduates and experienced or part-time practitioners. We always welcome interest in our firm and we welcome you to submit your resume’ via mail, e-mail or facsimile. You may also contact us for more information regarding employment opportunities. But first, take some time to understand why our firm is so unique.

We are committed to providing clients with the highest degree of technical competence, professionalism and integrity. All of our professionals, paraprofessionals, and staff have been recruited because they are among the best in their peer group. While we are a small firm, our clients are very diverse in nature and complex in the services they require. Everyone at DeMott & Smith CPA’s, P.C. is expected to excel in all areas of practice. You must be adept at understanding everything from a client’s financial reporting needs and tax filing requirements, to the planning issues related to the owners.

To assist everyone in achieving such a high level of competence, the Partners employ a management style that is uncommon with firms servicing similar type clients. The management style at DeMott & Smith CPA’s, P.C. could best be described as open. First-year staff members spend generous amounts of time learning directly from the Partners. Jason and Ben are always readily accessible to answer questions and provide guidance to everyone in the office. Exposure to the Partners’ extensive experience in public practice helps the staff learn and progress at a rate much faster than their peers. In addition to being exposed to complex accounting and tax issues, the staff is frequently involved in major engagements and planning meetings with our business clients.

These unique learning opportunities at DeMott & Smith CPA’s, P.C. do not come without high expectations. The individual who succeeds at DeMott & Smith CPA’s, P.C. typically is a quick learner, detail-oriented, and able to work unsupervised. We have many reference tools to assist the staff, but only the resourcefulness of the individual will determine his or her ability to efficiently solve complex public accounting problems. Our firm seeks those individuals who can work accurately and independently. More importantly, we seek those who have the ambition to develop their professional careers faster than the average accountant, and the stamina to survive our rigorous tax season. Jason and Ben are as friendly and knowledgeable as any partner you will meet, and they will reward those who meet the challenge of their high expectations. This firm is definitely not for everyone. If you have a desire to take on responsibility, and you know the rewards of a strong work ethic, please read further.

In our office, the dress code is business casual unless meeting with a client. During client meetings and on engagements, the staff is expected to dress professionally. Our office hours are flexible during the summer, allowing the staff to choose their work schedule from Monday through Thursday, and everyone works 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Friday. During the year, the firm hosts social events outside the office to give everyone a chance to meet our friends and significant others and celebrate the success of our hard work. Just like other progressive firms, DeMott & Smith CPA’s, P.C. offers a comprehensive benefits package to all staff, including competitive salaries, a bonus program for staff members, paid vacation time, a generous 401(k) Plan, medical plans, and life and disability insurance. Of course, the firm pays for all staff members’ professional association dues, subscriptions, and CPE.

Each year we seek out the most qualified Juniors and Seniors at local colleges and universities to join our firm for an engaging, hands-on internship. We offer internship opportunities annually from January through April, coinciding with our busy season. Similar to our recruiting demands for full-time staff, we seek out individuals who can work efficiently, effectively and independently. An internship with DeMott & Smith CPA’s, P.C. is unlike most other internships. We treat our interns just as we treat our full-time staff, and strive to provide a meaningful experience to the student. We encourage all qualified and interested students and candidates to contact us for more information.

Our clients continually look to our firm to assist them in hiring personnel. If you are an experienced bookkeeper/controller, or have administrative/ managerial experience, feel free to send us your resume’ and cover letter, in confidence, for consideration.

Mail, e-mail and facsimile are always acceptable means of sending your resume’. You may also contact us for more information regarding client employment opportunities.

DeMott & Smith CPA’s, P.C. is committed to the full utilization of all human resources and to a policy of equal employment opportunity. This equal employment opportunity policy extends to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, age, color, religion, sex, marital status, national origin, non-disqualifying handicap/disability or veteran status.